2019 Field Day – 9th Edition


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In July of 2019, on the region of Vale do Araguaia, Mato Grosso, Brazil, the 9th FIELD DAY OF LIGA DO ARAGUAIA happened. What was meant to be another field day of sustainable livestock – which wouldn’t be little – became a meeting of professionals from various areas, uniting their visions, values and knowledge from their experience on as it is called today, Agroambientalismo. On this day, a mini documentary was created. You can watch it on it’s full length (15 minutes) or watch a narrative from the following clips.

In a year marked by great ambiental tensions, this is our contribution of possible outcomes and ways, pulsing today in the heart of Brazil

The farm is not just a piece of land

“The farm is a whole. The farm is the forest, the woods, the field, the lakes, the rivers (…) It is all these assets that in Brazil build the narrative of Brazil “Agroambiental” Power” (J.C. PEDREIRA DE FREITAS – COORDINATOR, LIGA DO ARAGUAIA)

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The productivity is much higher when there are forests

ANTÔNIO CHAKER (senior consultant) and RICHARD RASMUSSEM (biologist and TV host) talk about productivity and conservation to a crowd of attentive producers.

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It is the seed of a country project

VICTOR FASANO (actor and ambientalist) talks with emotion to the audience, expressing the tone of the meeting which will reserve him special moments.

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different origins, shared values

“We met producers, we met people from the beef industry, but we also met people who work in tourism, in journalism, in conservation. (…) It was really a special experience to be here.” (RACHAEL SHERMAN – McDonald’s Director Global Sustainability)

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It is simply a movement

The meeting of affinities transforms into a collective force, losing its concept, flowing for the action and generating hope. Statements of ALEXANDER ESTERMANN (veterinarian and Weplace consultor) and CARMEM BRUDER (Entre Rios Farm)

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an embracing, broader and very promising agenda

A different meeting, where the producers could understand even better the real possibilities of getting results with ambientalist services and tourism. Depoiments of ZENIO DE SOUZA (Independência Farm) e FABIO GUERRA DIAS (Director of Relationships with Cattle Breeders/JBS)

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the blue cave

The group encounters one of the rural property’s preserved treasures. The beauty and sincerity of the reactions are as rich as the treasure.

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The fig tree’s offering

VICTOR FASANO (actor and ambientalist) at a very special moment in the heart of Brazil.

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Production, conservation and the cicle of life

CAIO PENIDO (Água Viva Farm/Roncador Group) synthesizes the Agroambiental fellowship with an emblematic speech in the end of the journey.

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Something new is happening in the heart of Brazil (Full Version)


In a moment where food safety and climate changes mobilize global society, Araguaia’s League, since 2014, leads a movement for the adoption of sustainable livestock on Vale do Araguaia.

The movement’s objective is to promote social and economic development in the region, through increasing productivity, respecting the current legislation and the natural system’s limits.

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